Saturday, 1 June 2013

Body Image Photoshoot with Becky Hardy Photography...Because, you're perfect just the way you are :') xxx

As I am sure you're all aware the reason I got into makeup so heavily is because I have acne and as a result of severe acne when I was younger have scars on my shoulders. This type of scarring is known as Keloid and is one of the worst forms of scarring.

Everytime I go to the Doctor's they're always trying to get me to have the removal surgery and although when I am feeling low I wanna sign up and do it, I then remember that as cheesy as it sounds, I was born this way (well, kinda :S) and, they really do not bother me, they don't hurt and do not affect my lie in anyway (plus if you google Keloids-which I do not recommend, you'll see other people have it a LOT worse than me). I am proud to show people them to say they're mine and there's nothing wrong with not being perfect. Our imperfections are what make us individuals.

So with this photoshoot we needed to make sure it didn't look too Glamour, too Page 3ish or too Risque, they needed to be pretty & sensitive to the subject and, I think Becky (Becky Hardy Photography) did such a great job making it that way :'). Me and Becky have worked together previously on a Jo Calderone/Gaga Shoot in which I dressed as a (quite convincing) man so be sure to check out her tumblr.

Anyway, I hope you liked these pictures and that they send the right message across :)

Yeah, so, I think she made me look lovely XD Scars in all :')
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Haha! Thanks Becky I had a lovely time doing it and Thanks guys for all the support xxx

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