Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Rianna's 18th Birthday Party, What I wore, what she wore and what we had to eat!

So, Rianna's Birthday Party was in the Courtyard Room of Winchester Guildhall, which was a very pretty room with old style door frames and all painted white. It looked lovely, she had decorated the tables with turquoise and pale green beads with a small centre piece of a bowl filled with those jelly beads (you put them in water and they expand) and in the middle held there was a little tea light :') There were also balloons of the same colourings around the room and it just had a lovely atmosphere :). The DJ was playing music I hadn't actually heard that much of but later Rianna's Boyfriend Ryan Stevens sang and played his Guitar (he is very good and worth a YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/ryanstevens94/videos). AND THE FOOD! omg, I was so impressed, gorgeous pasta and party food-really lovely Ed & I felt very welcome :)

Anyway, moving onto my outfit! My Jane Norman £1 Dress!

My Full Outfit & Invitation :D

I didn't wear a necklace, just like I said however, unlike it looks I didn't have my hair in a bun, it was in a high pony tail with this side detailing I did :)
I wore the gold large ring with the purple detailing on it (picture below)
I used this purple cross the shoulder bag (it's quite long actually hence it looks like it's bending round me :P)
All Makeup Products I used.

Unfortunately I left out the primer I used from the photo! (Idiot!) so FYI, I used Benefit's Dr. Feelgood, slathered all over my face :P and then did my eye makeup. I didn't use a primer for my eyes as I patted on Maybelline's Color Tattoo in - and these bases NEVER budge haha! I then using a small fluffy brush took Illamasqua's Inception and fluffed this in a long the crease line and blended out (there was a harsh difference now as I hadn't blended it all yet). Using my ELF 100 colour palette I used 2 shadows (highlighted below) by taking the slightly pinkier one and patting it on my inner half of my lid, then the more purpley shade and blending that lightly over everything on the eye. Next I took my Bourjois Clubbing Liner in - and smoothed this along the top lashline and winged out to sides. I then took my Sleek Eau La Liner in White Noise and lined my bottom waterline, inner eye corner, bottom lashline and winged it out under the bourjois' flicks I'd done-then applied the Fearne Cotton Liner in Purple over the bottom lashline and waterline white I'd just done then smudged it all in to make sure it wasn't really harsh. Lastly (for the eyes) I used the shade "you alone" from the Kat Von D Poetica Palette as a highlight under my brow bone and blended into the purple. After finishing this I buffed Benefit's HFOW Liquid Foundation into my skin with a big duo fibre brush and then applied Maybelline the rocket volume mascara :') (I really do love this mascara :D). Lastly, I contoured my cheekbones with Benefit's Hoola and then applied my normal setting powder down the centre of my face (Green People's Compact Powder :) ). -ooh! and I almost forgot I used a Gosh Eyebrow Pencil for my brows and MAC's Viva Glam Gaga 1 Lipstick :') -woah. I need to start writing this down as I am going along!

A Close-up of my Pretty Eyes, Man I really Love Purple! <3
I used the deep pinky shade (above the turquoises-2nd from left) and the deep
purple next to it on the right :)

This Elf Palette is quite hit and miss with shadows, I've taken to labelling the front with ticks (if the shadows really nice), nothing if it's ok and a big red cross (if it's terrible). Overall, I do really like it and for the cheap price I definitely think it's worth a purchase :)

I used the last shade in the palette called "you alone"

I absolutely adore this palette. If I ever go into a Sephora again I vow to buy all of the Kat Von D Palettes. The shadows are gorgeous, I have a blush too :')

My shoes!

I bought this gorgeous pair of shoes from T.K.Maxx literally the day before the party as they were in the sale for £8 and they're ever so comfy! Very Pleased :D

My Ring and Bag Close Up :)

Here's a close up of my bag and ring :)
I really think the colour of the shoes and bag was well matched, so that's always good!

Ryan & Rianna :')

 To finish, I must say Rianna's Dad's speech was so full of love and laughter and I cannot think of anybody as sweet as Rianna. Now she's 18 we will have to go dancing ;) and I think between her and her boyfriend Ryan, there's so much talent it's incredible. They'll both go so far and deserve too :') xxx

 And as you can see <<< she looked lush-just liked I said she would ;) x

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