Monday, 10 June 2013

52 Weeks of Delicious Nails 10.6.13 First Attempt at the whole Water thingy...

I was YouTube surfing, as I very often do to avoid revision, and I found myself looking at Nail Polish collections and then clicked onto a video about "Water Marble Manicure"... y'know what these are, when you get a cup of water, tape around your fingers, drop your nail polish in the water and swirl your nail in and you end up with a totes gorge marbled nail. Well, this is actually a bit difficult than it looks-to get something that looks nice anyway :P

To be fair, I only had to re-do two nails, so I wasn't too bad at it >.<

I used Barry M's Nail Paint number 66 -a complete white shade, for the base colour & then dropped in Model's Own Beach Party (a Bright Orange) into the water first, then Model's Own Luis Lemon (neon yellow) and then Illamasqua's Collide (Bright, Neon Pink). I did interchange the order of the colours, but essentially, it turned out the same, with yellow giving the most coverage =D.

My Left Hand :)
My Right Hand :) Which, for once doesn't look awful! :P

A Close Up of my Left Hand :) It's all so pretty!

My Thumbs ^.^ (Left is left and Right is right...)
Considering this was my first attempt, I am actually really pleased with it. They look so pretty and summerey! XD

Tweet me your pictures if you've done this before! @JanBeautyful xxx

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