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So when MUA had their recent 3for2 offer (online and instore) I bought a little haul as I love the products I already owned from them and wanted to try out more :)

My Lil' Haul :') x
 I bought the Undress me too Palette, Dusk til Dawn Palette, Matte Perfect Loose Powder, Matte Perfect Foundation, Matte Perfect Primer, Cover concealer, pro-base eye primer, gel eyeliner in tribe and Alexandra Burke's Lip Boom in - .

Overall, I am so pleased with this haul. With P&P I spent around £25 so, it's so worth it. Here's my opinion on everything I bought....

Matte Perfect Primer: Is JUST LIKE BENEFIT's Porefessional! I don't think I've ever been so excited. Ok, it doesn't make pores vanish but it's a very similar formula-matte and pretty :') Will be fine on any skin tone as it blends to transparent. At just £4 though, you get 15ml (porefessional's only 22ml) meaning it's not a huge amount less but the Price difference is something a lot more noticeable! Ok, so, it maybe doesn't make makeup last as long as porefessional but my face did last at least 12hours.
Overall rating: B (a little more time saving on my foundation and it'd be an A)

The Matte Perfect Foundation: So. Fantastic. I am very impressed with this foundation (especially considering the price-£2!) It's coverage is medium-heavy on the first application! It applies smoothly and blends well, my only jibe is that it's the lightest colour available and it's too dark :/ I am not sure if this was worse by oxidising but it's such a shame as it's a lovely foundation! It looked expensive & really gorgeous! Overall: B (would've been an A if the shade had been correct)
Just the Matte Primer & Foundation-apologies for my awful hair! :S
 Matte Loose Powder: £2.30. This is really not worth getting. It's good at blending in but DID NOT keep my skin matte for any amount of time at all-maybe the 5 minutes it took me to get out of the house after finishing my makeup?? Very, very disappointed with this. It wasn't even like it let natural oils and glow through it just let EVERYTHING through! my skin looked so unnaturally shiny in a very short time, I think the foundation did a good job on it's own. Overall rating: E.

Cover Concealer:  £1.50. This is really lovely :') Blends really nicely, BRIGHTENS the under eye area fantastically, this may start to be my go-to under eye concealer as it doesn't crease and is easy to blend with a finger or brush (depending on my skin and my mood :P) Overall: A* -nearly my favourite product.

Pro Base Eye Primer: £2.50. This primer is a nice consistency, is coloured (very palely, but this will not affect any skin tone or shadow as it blends to see-through). The first day I used this it creased after a few hours (maybe 5) But I now think this was because I had really bad hay fever and my eyes were watering a lot, so, even my Too Faced Shadow Insurance or UD Primer Potion would've struggled through that :/ Also, today I've been wearing it since 9 this morning, it's now 3 and there's no looking like it's moving/shifting at all (this is with sleek shadows though, so, I am not sure if that'll make much of a difference). Overall: B (worth it for the money!)
Undress Me Too Palette

Undress Me Too Palette Swatches.
Undress me too Palette: Firstly, let me start off by saying-What a cute name?? And a really clever way of saying number 2! Moving on, this palette has really lovely colours in it, though I find myself yearning for a more neutral/lighter matte brown :'( That's the one addition that I think would make this palette-Ah.Ma.Zing. ya know, to blend creases seamlessly? Ahh well, I still LOVE this palette regardless...
You really cannot see the very first shadow "Naked" on my hand in my swatches and this is reflected on the eye too :( I used it to help lighten a dark crease mistake however and it worked a dream, so, maybe this is the blending companion I was looking for earlier? I do think all the other shades are to die for though and for only £4 how can you go wrong? These shades are super butterey and blendable. Well worth more than the price! (I'd compare these too Urban Decay Quality and-don't want to pay nearly £40 for the Naked Palette?? Buy MUA's Undressed Palette-EXACT DUPE. GOOGLE IT.) -if you like soft/shimmerey shades and aren't too sure on mattes go for it, it'll help you learn and build your confidence + as it's cheap you can practice over and over and not feel as though your wasting a really expensive product (like the UD Naked palettes/mac shadows). Overall rating: A (Pix Below)
Undress Me Too Palette Look
All Made Up Pretty Face :') MUA Products Used: Matte Perfect Primer,
Foundation, Loose Powder, Undress me Too Palette, Curling Mascara,
(Benefit's One Hot Minute & Sephora's Luminizing Powder).
Dusk Til Dawn Palette
Dusk Til Dawn Palette Swatches
Dusk Til Dawn Palette: This palette has some truly beautiful colours, the turquoisey (Bottom, 3rd from left) is soo beautiful. The mix of light colours is nice, they're really pretty and wearable on practically any skin tone (I've tested it on me-mixed race-my mum-english rose-and my gran-gorgeous dark Indian skin-!). Again, butterey, blendable and very affordable! -GO BUY THESE PALETTES-if you like shimmerey/high impact shadows with a few glitter shades thrown in, go for it! The Glitter shades have glitter dispersed well through out them and blend well. Please note that they're not as glitterey as UD's MoonDusts but are very pretty :). Overall rating: A

Wearing MUA's Tribe Gel Liner (MAC's Tangerine Dream
Lipstick with Dior Addict Gloss in Orange Pareo on lips)
Gel Eyeliner "Tribe": I love gel eyeliners though after buying my Bobbi Brown Shimmer ink thingy, I cannot justify buying an expensive brand gel when the Collection (formerly Collection 2000) one is fantastic. I now have this one from MUA and it's just as good as the Bobbi Brown one. Well, almost. It has beautiful pigmentation and not just that but lasted all day. I did have a slight transfer to the top of my eye but very, very little-only noticeable because I was looking to scrutinise. Overall: A
Wearing MUA's Alexandra Burke Lip Boom in LMK (Let Me Know)
 Best Til Last! Alexandra Burke Lip Boom in LMK: THIS. IS. OMG. AMAZING. You have a lipstick in one end and a very bitty/chunky/glitterey gloss on the other side. The Lipstick is so pigmented and matte-Hugely Beautiful whereas the gloss is very sheer but full of glitter. It just looks so gorgeous :') I am really not that sure about the other colours but after trying this I just wanted to go out and buy them all!
Plus I found it lasted all day, I used it in my Body Image Photoshoot with Becky Hardy (which if you missed, you can catch here: ). Overall Rating: A* -My Absolute Favourite Product :')

Overall, I really like MUA as a brand you're almost guaranteed to get a good product with these. The colour payoffs are fantastic and the quality of the products is great too. I am so very impressed. Especially as I only really had nails stuff from them before (definitely recommend ANY MUA NAIL PRODUCTS!)


Now: 52WODN. (as of the 5th June): Pretty Red & White Dotty :')
My Left Hand :')
 I still haven't fully got a hold of my left hand's shakiness, hence the right hands' quite poor :/
My Right Hand....

I used Barry M's Gelly Shine in 9 "Pomegranate" as the base red colour and Paperchases' Nail Art Pen in White to make the dots, I then just placed them in a weird L shape on my nails :') I really liked the result-though!

Thanks so much for reading-if you got all this way! xx

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