Sunday, 23 June 2013

Quick Biology Trip to Leeson House :) -Left Today! +52WODN added in :)

So today (I've written this post a week in advance for today and scheduled-cos' I am so organised ;) ) I am off with the Biology Department from College to Leeson House (near Swanage) and fingers crossed the weather's really nice and held out for us! We're going to be carrying out a River Study, A Heath Land Study & a Sand Dune Study. I am not sure about you, but to me-that all sounds pretty GO! haha >.<

Apparently the accomodation is of a very high standard with lounges, games room and coffee bar-woah, when can we move in? haha! But the thing that's really excited me is the food....(of course!) The letter says, and I quote- "The centre provides a cooked breakfast, packed lunch and a 3-course evening meal." Omg, I am so looking forward to that! Especially considering this only cost us £90 for 3 days!

Now moving on to the bit I was really interested in...what we're advised to pack:
Trainers/shoes and wellies, Shirts/Tshirts, Trousers/Shorts, Underwear, Sock, Swimming Costume, Large Towel, Waterproof Coat, Warm hat, Gloves, Suncream, Sunglasses, Lip Salve, Sun Hat, Towel, Washcloth, Toothbrush/Paste, Soap/Shampoo, Hairbrush, Scrunches, pen, paper, book to read-?, disposable camera, notebook, small bag/backpack, water bottle, large plastic bag, bed linen: 2 pillowcases, undercover, sheet, duvet cover.

To be honest. This probably is around the right amount for stuff I would take! As we have no idea what the weather's going to be like/it can change pretty quick down here in the south, so, I kinda agree with the list. Although, I kinda wish we didn't have to take our own bedding :/ BUT at least I know its clean!

So, here's just some pictures of my makeup I've decided on taking (bareminerals and tinted moisturiser kind of took hold here) and pictures of my general other stuff....

My Makeup Bag I've just whacked everything in :D

Flipped over makeup bag :P

Everything I am taking laid out on my Aerosmith towel I am taking!

The LONG list of items and reasons for having them Claire sent out to all of us!
 I am pleased with my Large see through makeup bag though! (got this at Superdrug with 2 others inside it and this features in my Barcelona Posts too :)) It's just so big I can throw pretty much anything in it and it all fits! yippee! :P See y'all when I get back! I have other posts lined up so please check my blog as I may not have the wifi to link them all in on twitter and facebook :)

Now for my 52 weeks of delicious nails bit:

My Left Hand
My Left Hand & The Bottle :)

Cap etc & my Left Thumb :P x

Hope you guys liked it! xxx

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