Thursday, 20 June 2013

Barcelona! Pt. 2 Makeup, Accessories and What I'll be taking with me!

So here we go for Part 2! I am just gonna jump straight in with Accessories (this includes Jewellery, sunglasses, things like that :P).

Sunglasses & Waterproof Bag :D
I have a lot of different pairs of sunnies but I think that these 3 are all so different they can rise to every style and occasion :) It just so happens that all of these are from Primark, as is the Waterproof Bag-Which I am so in love with!
It's made out of that weird soft jelly material (not like the weird kids' shoes :L) and I simply love the colour and everything, think it'll be great for holding my phone etc in when we go to the beach :)

Various Hair Clips, Necklaces etc.
 I think this is, like the sunglasses, a good mix of different styles and finishes. Yes most of it is Pink, but hey! What's wrong with adding touches of pink through your life?? :P

My Rings :)
 Here's a close up of the rings I was thinking of taking. I know Ed won't be overly happy of me taking more than one ring (the one we're promised to each other with) but I feel like these aren't fussy nor will they get caught or snag on anything. He should be proud as I normally have MASSIVE rings with me :P

 Now, for some bags...

Seeing as we're only taking Hand Luggage any bags I take need to be able to roll and fit into my carry-on (shown below). I think the Gaga Canvas bag (also from Primark, omg D:) will be easily stored away in my flight bag and also will be able to fit quite a bit in it, if needed!

I was also pondering on taking this Ed Hardy Bag (I can always shove knickers or something in it in my luggage) as I have actually taken this on practically every holiday I go on, it's useful as it's actually made of that cool lunch box type material and therefore you can shove a bottle of water in it and it won't go warm (well...too quickly anyway :P).

Lastly, my (ALSO PRIMARK :L) Rucksack-y type bag. I really like this bag as it's cute, made of very thin material so folds to very small and yet can carry and hold so much! -Love this :P

But, I shall have to discuss all of this with Ed...and I am pretty sure he'll just say the first Gaga bag and pool party clutch thingy... >.<

ONTO MAKEUP! (and a bit of skincare...)
Facial Products
Now, one thing that is hindering me slightly here, is that every has to be less than 100ml-due to us being cheapos and not wanting to pay £60 to put luggage in the hold :P I've decided that Tinted Moisturisers, Good Powders and a strong concealing kit are all I a bit of colorstay for a hot night out ;)
Pictured above (starting from very top and working clockwise) is Aveda's Mineral Tinted Moisturiser (my most favourite tinted moisturiser EVER!), Benefit's You Rebel-for beachy days only as it has a good SPF and little coverage...any pictures will be from far away and I can always mix a tad bit of colorstay to up the coverage if I need. Next up is Tarte's Amazonian BB Cream I WISH I HAD BOUGHT THE BIG ONE!!! I LOVE this :'( May have to see if I can buy one on eBay before I leave :P, Benefit's Perk Up Artist Mini Concealing Kit is up next! (containing a Bright Eyes, Lemon Aid & Boi-ing), Benefit's Hello Flawless Powder (though I'll probably be preferring my Green People Mineral Foundation Powder...). Revlon Colorstay (for oily skin...of course ;) ), M&S' Tinted Moisturiser (this is actually great!) and lastly, Boots' Skin Clear Range's Mattifying Lotion (no oil is escaping with a splodge of this baby :P).
Next up-COLOUR!
Colour Products
As it's going to be a beachy, night timey kind of holiday-I've decided to embrace the glow and go for softer creams that are highly pigmented. So, here we go (working from Top Left) Ted Baker Lip Balms (recieved as gift at Christmas)-these are actually really nicely pigmented and not overly balmy, I like them a lot. With that is sat a Rimmel Apocolips Lip Laquer (in Stellar) -This is obvs a matte lip colour and I thought that if I wanted to switch it up, this would be bright and bold enough to do it with! After that I have a Jordana lipgloss thingy which is just a gorgeous coral-ey orange, L'oreal Glam Shine lipgloss in "everlasting beige" in case I want a more nude lip and then all the Revlon Lip Butters I own (Cotton Candy , Peach Parfait & Candy Apple-I would buy more but I can't see them being used as I already own soo many different lip products :/). Benefit's Fine One One Cheek Color stick (this is such a gorgeous coral-ey peach colour and just Perfect for the beach :') Then we have a Revlon Photoready Cream Blush thing (not totally sure what they call it, nor the name of the colour) but this is just like a MAC Cream Blush-just a lot cheaper! Then, lastly, a Stila convertible colour in Gladiola (a true, bright orange that is very pigmented and lasts all day-really nice and glowey too...but is quite thick and slightly waxey so be warned!).

Moving onto EYE Products...

EYE-type Products
I've literally dreamt of Silver/Ice coloured bases with SPLASHES of Bright colours over the top! I now also have the Sleek Ultra Mattes V1 (Brights-Not Pictured) and plan on taking that too. Above there's the snapshots palette (left) and the Lagoon palette (right). In the middle I have a Maybelline Color Tattoo in the colour - , Benefit's Foiled Creaseless Cream (yes, it's a mini one!) and MAC's Bare Study Paint Pot as a more nudey base. I then have decided on Benefit's They're Real as the BEST mascara to take as not only can I get intense and dramatic looks out of it-but Waterproof ones too! (they say They're Real is "Water Flexible" but, yah, it's waterproof :P). I then also thought that, LOOK's Flirty Flick Liquid Liner is perfect too! This DOES NOT BUDGE!!! It's crazy! Love It XD. Lastly, I added MUA's Undress me too Palette (when packing) as I thought it's just perfect for shimmerey soft nudes if I feel like doing that one day :D
Everything in Bags :')
All my Clothes that fit in my Suitcase just thrown on my bed! haha, it all fits Thank GOD! :D
So that's it! All packed up and ready to rumble!! I am so excited as there's a massive long list of things to do and places to see! If you didn't see part 1 of this post all my clothes you can here:

I hope the weather's nice while we're away but I can't lie I am soooo looking forward to instant sunshine! Keep an eye out for my posts while I am away (as I don't think I can get to a pc) I have lots of random cool things coming up like a make-up artists' bag I found for under a fiver! A Makeup Storage post and of course, my normal 52WODN post :) xx

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