Thursday, 30 May 2013

Kelly's Wedding Outfit & Makeup Planning :') x

I am so happy that Kelly's getting Married and cannot wait to see how pretty she and everyone else looks at the reception this Saturday :')

After talking to a few people about what they're wearing I decided what I had originally planned was a little too Winter-ey Autumn-ey, so, This is what I've changed my mind too!

This dress' fleur de lis, baroque, damasked type pattern is actually fluffy or a bit like velvet material :') I bought this dress from Quiz at Debenhams for around £15.99 (but it had a small rip so I got it for £9.99). Quiz do really nice, affordable dresses and can be found at larger Debenhams'.

I also LOVE peplums as they hide my little belly roll perfectly ;) and create the illusion of a smaller waist-what's not to love?!

When I first wore this dress I wore some Silver Patent Lipsy Heels but they were so uncomfortable and I really don't think the harsh point on them is very flattering, so, I've picked out these two pairs. If I wear the silver pair, I'll wear silver accessories and vice versa :) The top black pair were from an independent little shoe shop in my village, but it's no longer there! :( The bottom Silver pair are from Monsoon :) I believe I got these in last summers' sale for around £9.99

The Rings I've picked out to choose from :)

Out of all of these I think I prefer the Black Rock or Black Rose....But, we shall see :)

My Necklaces I picked out :)
These are the necklaces I picked out, I think the first top left really isn't very good, but when I have it all on it may look better, same goes for bottom left :S I quite like the long (top right) leopard head BUT! I really love the childish Hello Kitty Necklace of all!! Not sure it's the best one to wear though :/

Here's the Make Up Design I've created for this look:

Kelly's Wedding Makeup (for me)
The lips in the drawing are quite dark to the colour I am actually going to use, I am planning on using LOOK Beauty's Double Hit Lip in Rose Riot :) Which is a pale rose pink. I am considering wearing false lashes, but then again I don't want to look overally fake, so, I shall see what it all looks like on the day :/
I also am hoping the eyes will be exactly like this, I am planning to use MAC's paint pot in Bare Study washed over my eyes and then have a small amount of Illamasqua's Feline Powder eyeshadow just really well blended out of the crease and then have a very, very silver liner-for which I'll probably end up using something like Stilas' eyeshadow pot in Ice (though, I am reluctant to do so as it'll smudge and budge quite easily :/)
I plan to wear very, very minimal blush (Benefit's Thrrrob most likely) as I know I'll be dancing a lot and therefore end up looking very red towards the end! haha!

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