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15.5.13 EPQ update Book References and What's it all about again?

My Extended Project is so far, so good! I am amazed by how inspired I am getting by pretty much everything I see around me! This proves that you should always be true to yourself and follow your dreams (as corny as that sounds D:). Anyhoo, it came to me that I may not have explained very well what the hell an EPQ actually is! Well, essentially it's either a report (something like 5000 words) or an artifact with a supporting smaller essay (like, 1000 words or something like that) And you can do it on absolutely ANY topic you like! Hence, I chose to do something with makeup.

The idea it gives ucas points is a bit hazy, as, I don't think many Uni's really look at them (from talking to people who have already done them) and don't accept them as part of your entry. However, I think doing a makeup course, or wanting to go into the Makeup Industry this will help me quite a bit as my actual A Level subjects aren't seeming to go very well (Economics, Psychology, Sociology, Citizenship & Biology). Also, a few people are insisting to me that you definitely DO gain ucas points from them (but it's then down to the discretion of the Uni if they'll accept them as part of your entry).

Anyhoo, here are some pictures of the references of Photographers/Artists etc I've found to include in my essay and presentation. (please note, I do not own the original images or any of that stuff, nor am I claiming to own them or trying to use in an offensive or derogatory manner etc.).
The photographers featured here are David Lachepelle, David Bailey & Nick Knight.

From Nick Knight's Book

From Nick Knight's Book

The Library has this book by Jemma Kid which is going
to be my references for techniques

Left is Photo of Lil' Kim by David Lachepelle and right is Nick Knight's work 

I  absolutely adore these two photo's. The Lachepelle one for the sheer bubblegum flavour and sex appeal and the Knight one because I love 80s rock and punky looks and this just irradiates that :')
I also love the use of makeup in both, the Lil' Kim's bottom false lashes are amazing and the use of pink all over the face in the Knight photo shows rebellion in a wearable way.-Yes, I'd wear that!
David Bailey's Photos

I love the black and white photo on the left as it reminds me so much of the Phantom (of the Operraaaa!) and the one on the right carries on from the punk and rock feel in the other photo (above) and I feel as though this shows chaos in a challenging way, meaning, it looks so well planned out that its almost controlled chaos.
Both David Bailey

After a discussion with Anne (the head librarian at college) she also gave me the idea to discuss tribal and cross cultural meanings and reasons behind their art and "makeup" or body paintings, I thought this was such a fantastic idea and could've hugged her as this fits my question about Makeup as an artistic means of communication perfectly :'). I also thought the one on the right was like something from a series of unfortunate events or a good vampire film.

David Bailey, again.

David Bailey, again.

 I really love these ones, as they both are inspired by very different cultures and events, I really like how they're not perfectly taken as well, I mean, the model doesn't look really stunningly beautiful, but, saying that....they do look really beautiful, it's not what you'd usually expect.

A page from the Jemma Kid book, to help with techniques I can use

I cannot believe how inspired I am by all of these and more that I found too! (I am pretty sure I put the right photographers under the right photos, but if not, I'll change it later so don't panic!) I finally feel as though my life's getting back on track :)

But anyway, stay tuned for my next Katy Perry & Riri Designs they're coming up in the next couple of days and keep your eyes peeled for my First YouTube video (probably, Friday/Saturday) as I've filmed now, just need to finish editing!! Exciting Stuff!

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