Monday, 13 May 2013

52 weeks of Delicious Nails 13.5.13 Green, Green, Green :D

Towards the end of last week the weather went SO cold! (or at least, quite rainy and windy-hence my power cut!! grrrr) And so this week I didn't really want too much of a Bright colour but felt like I wanted something sophisticated and sexy. So, I went for this matte forest green shade by Revlon "Emerald City" 032
and Simply coated the thumbs with Barry M's "Silver Glitter" 149 to give a bit of an interesting nail or feature nail to break up the dull greenness. That, and, I might just love glitter a tiny weeny bit :P

One thing I will say though, is I don't understand these "Matte" shades, I have it on now, it doesn't look very matte to me, granted-its not gloss. But it's not matte? I just don't get it :/
My Left Hand

Also, look at these adorable chocolates my grandma bought me!! I thought these were sooo cute and they tasted so great! Bought from a local independent sweet shop too! :') x

MooCow Chocolate
Beautiful Horsey Heads Chocolates :')

Did you see my EPQ post on Saturday about my New Beyonce' Designs? You can check them out here:

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