Saturday, 4 May 2013

Bare Minerals Makeover! & Review :D x

After posting a fb status about whether or not I should bother with trying Bare Minerals I had a massive response from all friends and family (mixed reviews, I will say). However, a close friend's mum messaged me and asked if I'd like to go along as her daughter's having a prom makeup trial & they both love the brand. I (naturally, bit her hand off and said ooooh YES!) haha and today was the day! :D

Firstly I watched the lady do Charlie's eye makeup (her dress is a deep purpley colour so, we wanted simple but really pretty & radiant makeup to go with it) and then it was my turn! I was only really interested in having my face done & trying the foundation. I was very sceptical about the coverage when I first started to look into it and that's why I never committed to buying the starter kit and these are the results...

Window Behind/With Flash

No Window/With Flash

Back to Window/No Flash

Face to Window/No Flash
 Here I was stood in front of the window (a bit away from it though) and took the Photo with a Flash, as you can see the skin looks nice & radiant :).
The use of the product Warmth really shows well here, you can see it in the famous "3" shape on the outer parts of the forehead, just under the cheekbones & along and under the jawline. (The highlighter isn't showing as well here as I would've liked).

Next I stood with no window (yes, I just closed the curtains :P) and took the photo with the flash on, The skin still looks radiant though I am not fond of the slight shine on the end of my nose! I think, also, she put the highlight to far in my face (ie: on my pores) rather than higher up and just on my cheekbones. But the spot on my chin looks very well covered here!

This photo is taken with my back to the window and with no flash (in a brightly white painted room). My face doesn't look very contoured here but the warmth of "Warmth" is still nice & glowy :) BUT!! How Natural does this look YET WITH Still a GOOD coverage!??

Now, my favourite photo (stood facing out of window-to see pond :P) looking very radiant and very well covered. The shine on the end of my nose IS STILL BOTHERING ME. But everything else looks lovely, smooth & glowy :')

And....isn't that everything a girl wants? :)

Here's a list (with individual prices) of what was put on me:
1) Prime Time -£21
2) Fairly Light Original Foundation -£25
3) Warmth -£19
4) Mineral Veil -£20
5) X3 Brushes kit -£57
6) Aphrodisiac Blusher -£22
7) Pure Radiance -£19

On the back of the little instruction booklet :)

After trying it-even for myself! As the woman did half my face (one step at a time) and got me to do the other half as she went along, which I loved as I felt very involved & as though I could really do this at home :) and after a coffee & snack (Costa, as always!-good choice Elizabeth!) I loved how it had settled & not oxidised. So, I went for the plunge & bought the starter kit in Fairly Light. The photo's I took were taken a few hours afterwards as I had been home for a bit before I took them.

Booklet & Foundation

Booklet, DVD (underneath), Mineral Veil, Foundation & Warmth

Booklet, Foundation, Mineral Veil & Warmth

Full Flawless Face, Flawless Application & Max Coverage Concealer Brushes

All 3 Brushes are included in the starter kit (with a retail value of £57 if bought separately)

So, overall my experience at the counter was really nice & enjoyable, the girls were very relaxing and friendly without being pushy at all (which is a very nice change!!). The makeup is absolutely LOVELY and Charlie looked so Beautiful too! So, Thank You to Elizabeth & Charlie for making this blog post and new found love possible and hopefully I'll be able to do more posts like this (Maybe one a month?) including how I was treated at the counter.
Very Pretty Charlie Make Over! :') x

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