Monday, 6 May 2013

Kelly's Hen Do: Neon+POPworld+woowoos=Good Night ;)

Following my ideas of what products I was going to use to create the look of La Neon, This is my Post on what I actually ended up using and a few photos of my outfit etc. :P
We did have such a fun filled night with massive woowoos and pure cheeseyyy 90s music >.< and of course, everyone in neon...

My Outfit >.<

In This photo, you can see my Nails Best :)

My eyes:
I ended up using this bright neon greeney/yellow (almost exactly the same colour as the wig:P)  I took a close up of the colours in the palette and I'll give a good description of which ones I used :) with MAC's Bare Study Paint Pot as a nice neutral base (to help the colour payoff and staying power of the powder shadows)The Black Eyeliner is LOOK Beauty's Flirty Flick Liquid Liner (also pictured below) And I used Rimmel's Scandaleyes Mascara as it's the best for upping and voluminising your lashes without removing any previous stuff on your lashes :)

Some of the products mentioned above

I used (from row above the bottom orange) The shade 4 from left in and not the next shade, but the next one after that! :P

Pretty <3
My Face:
I just went over the makeup I had on from throughout the whole day (BareMinerals Foundation etc) I buffed in Benefit's Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Liquid Foundation (In shade "I am pure for sure, Ivory") all over my face and when happy with that went over it with a dusting of Mary Kay's Powder Mineral Powder Foundation (In Shade Ivory 1) both, pictured below. I also used Benefit's Perk Up Artist Palette to conceal, brighten & correct etc. I then used MAC's Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft & Gentle on my cheekbones to act as my highlight. 

Mary Kay's Foundation Left & Benefit's HFOW Right

MAC's MSF Left & Paint Pot Right
Benefit's Perk Up Artist Palette :0)

(Top-Bottom) Rimmel Scandaleyes, Rimme Apocolips, LOOK Beauty's Flirty Flick

Everything Used :)
Me, Tracey & a Woowoo :D

So, would I return to POPworld? Probably not hahaaa, wasn't my favouritist music in the world but the drinks were nice & the company made it the best night to be honest! :') x

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