Saturday, 11 May 2013

EPQ Update 11.5.13 Beyonce Looks are IN!

I have finally done 2 designs for Beyonce's Pulse Perfume! Yay! However, they're not my favourite ones in the world. So, you should all tweet me and tell me if they're actually any good :P (@JanBeautyful)

Below is the bottle the looks are inspired by...
Beyonce's Pulse Bottle & Box
Pulse Inspired #1
I like this design in that it's very true to the bottle, with the little "wrap around" silvery bits around the blue body and I think that in real life they'd come out a lot better than they have done in my drawing :3 I also didn't add any false lashes or mascara as I didn't want it to distract too much from the bottle.
Afterwards, I thought that actually it'd be pretty cool to do a pale pink/white/silver ombre lip! XD but that's not depicted in the drawing at all.

Pulse Inspired #2

I think the majority of my friends preferred this look but I think people are misunderstanding its need to not be wearable. It is suppose to be "Art" after all! But then I just thought well I could make sure the lips were blanked out and that the contour was really, really strong and then perhaps we might be more artful? :P
I am not that sure, maybe, like the Riri one, I might suddenly spring up with an idea? Of which, I will say, I have done! (so keep your eyes peeled!) A new Rihanna one and second Katy Perry are all ready to go! Exciting stuff at how much I am getting done! XD x

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