Friday, 17 May 2013

Rocky Horror!

This Saturday I am going to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show-LIVE at the Theatre!
I am very, very excited about this as Rocky Horror's makeup and costumes' are amazing and therefore worth the ticket prices.

So here is my design for the show, I am going dressed as Magenta-seeing as I already have the costume and I've done it like a thousand times before! :P

Magenta Design
Now, I know what you're thinking, the bottom lashes are crazzy long. But, if you look at any picture of Magenta (or a still from the film) you'll see that hers are ridiculously spiky and long! To get this spikey-length I use a tonne of Benefit's They're Real! Mascara, as this is the only one I've found that will not budge or smudge. Also, you simply NEED to wear false lashes on top (and the bottom too, if you're brave!) and I have found that the best way to wear them all night is to wear a good amount of black liquid liner (I would recommend LOOK's Flirty Flick) and to take your time when applying them hence, I'll start my makeup proceedings at around 2:30-to be out the house at 4. This gives enough time to comfortably and calm-ly get everything done :).

The shape of the base eyeshadow is quite important-Magenta was played by Patricia Quinn who has really deep set-hollow eyes and so the eyeshadow shape of pure circles looks stunning and very dramatic. Sam from Pixiwoo described it as a half moon shape and I think this is a good way of explaining it you need to take the top of the circle up almost to the brow bone. The dark red brown surrounding it is purely to create a more theatrical look. It needs to be lined thickly with kohl liner But I'd recommend applying it after applying the liquid liner and false lashes so it doesn't prevent sticking or make shifting more likely).

As you can see I kinda drew a squiggle over the lips, this was my way of saying I am going to be wearing Black Kohl pencil underneath the lipstick to make it even more dark and almost bloody like. I also drew the brows in with a black pen, this is to show you need rather thin brows that should be dark, I like to use a kohl pencil very thinly and smudge out the edges.

Don't forget this is a real theatrical look so, therefore you need a very white face and very sculpted out cheekbones!!-Use a foundation that's practically white and I'll be using Nars' Laguna to Contour and sculpt out my cheekbones and features.

Here's a pic of all the products I plan to use....

All products with design in background

All Face products, ranging from very cheap to very expensive

Black Kohl Pencil, Calvin Klein & Clinique Lipsticks

All Eye Products

The false lashes are the ones I now wear absolutely EVERYTIME I am Magenta :P They're just perfect :')
They were given to me in a Soap & Glory Kit for Christmas.

And here's my outfit:

My Official Rocky Horror Costume (complete with wig hat :P)

My Boots that I've kept purely because I wear them to be Magenta :P

I personally, cannot wait for this tomorrow and hopefully I'll look amazing :P So I can take lots of photos with other people dressed up there!!

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