Thursday, 16 May 2013

EPQ update-Riri & Katy Perry Designs! :D

I know I've been teasing a lot with these designs, but they're finally here for you! :D

Reb'l Fleur Inspired #3

I think this is the Rihanna Look I am actually going to do. This is the one I am most pleased with :D
I feel that the eyes are really representing the bottle well and the lips just add a slightly more wearable feel (lol) that just ties it together. The brows are to be there as a guide so are to be thin but nicely coloured. The Yellow might change from being winged to just covering the whole under eye (under the brow) area but I am not sure yet. The liner scares me a tiny bit, because I am worried when the eyes are open, it may look a little crap.... D: but, again, we'll see when I do some pilots :P

There is to be no blush or contour at the moment as I do not want the skin to be anything but a purely black canvas. For the lips I feel there is no other colour suitable than Hayley Williams' for Mac-Sounds Like Noise matte orange-It's just perfect.

Here's a picture of the bottle, just for reference:

Rihanna's Reb'l Fleur Bottle

Next is the latest Katy Perry Purr Design!! eek! XD

Purr Inspired #2

I really like this one as I feel that the graduation in colour intensity (of the purple/lilac etc) is beautiful and I cannot wait to try this out! I am just trying to find someone who I think has a large enough eye space, I think more Asian eyes would suit this better (as they're not as deep set as others) but we shall see :) Also, the diamantes on the outer corner are very true to the Cats' eyes on the bottle.

I really like the almost gold blonde brows as I think this just warms up the look a bit as the pure silver lips are quite cold and harsh-There's also a fine line between good silver lips and space alien invader, in other words; I need to get the balance right of matte and shimmer.

Here's the bottle, again, just for reference:

Katy Perry's Purr Bottle

So that's two more done, I really need to start piloting and trying these looks out as at the moment I currently have no idea what sort of hair I am going to do for any of them/how I am going to photograph them-just portraits? or what? haha, so, maybe I haven't progressed as much as I'd thought :S-have any ideas? Tweet me :) @JanBeautyful

Got new Pink Friday and FAME designs coming up, and you can read about the nightmare I had trying to come up with a new fame was quite a stressful 30 mins, lets put it like that.

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