Friday, 10 May 2013

Lipstick & Blush Swatches, helping you order your collection :) x

Now, I have a folder with swatches of all my lipsticks, lip glosses, even balm sticks (but not like chap sticks, I mean more like balm stains) and Blushes too. This is purely because, when, like me, you have soooo many!
And, quite a few look the same (packaging) you can order them on your counter as many times as you like but eventually you will struggle! SO! I have swatched everything (though, the blushes weren't that necessary) and have it laminated in a little folder I keep on my vanity, so I can quickly go through and see what I have to suit my eye look that day.

They're literally drawn onto a tissue straight from the bullet and the writing next to them was done in Black kohl eyeliners I hate!! (good use for them, I thought :P) Sorry they're a bit shiny but these were already laminated, so I had to make do with bad lighting and laminated sheets!!

(Lipsticks) Reds & Back of Browns

Some favourites are the Hello Kitty lipstick in Blazin' (from Superdrug's collection) and Wet N Wild's Fergie Lipstick in Old School Glamour both are very pigmented but the wet n wild is softer :)

(Lipsticks) Back of Browns, Purples, Front of Pinks, Nudes

Some favourites from these are Browns: Estee Lauder's Amber Glaze (not available anymore! :'( ), Revlon's Mink
Purples: Mac's Violetta (Disney Collection) & Nars' Valparaiso
Pinks: Benefit's My Treat (Silky Finish Lipstick), Mac's Insanely It (cremesheen)
Nudes: Mac Viva Glam Gaga (1), Dainty Doll 006.

(Lipsticks) Oranges, Back of Pinks, (Glosses) Nudes, Oranges

Favourites of the Lipsticks;
Oranges: Mac's Fashion Nomad (matte-styleseeker collection) & New Favourite Mac's Sounds Like Noise (not pictured-hayley williams collection)
Pinks: Benefit's Nice Knickers (silky finish Lipstick) -I use this practically ALL THE TIME!
Lip glosses:
Nudes: Mac Viva Glam Gaga (1)-this is just the BEST nude colour ever! <3
Oranges: Fearne Cotton's Orange (from a xmas set)

(Glosses) Reds, Purples & Browns, Pinks & Balms

Lip glosses here, my all time favourites are the Rimmel Apocolips Lip Lacquers, these are just drop dead gorgeous :') (only Stellar is featured here though)
I also really love my Nars gloss (place vendome) and the Ted Baker gloss balm stains I got for xmas :D

They're in the same order as they are in my folder :)


All Sleek Blushes

I absolutely adore Sleek blushes, they come in a huge range of shades, finishes, 3 pan palettes and are affordable! My favourites here are Crochet (from the Lace Palette) and P Pie (from the Pumpkin Palette)

Sleek Left & Fashionista Top Right, Dainty Doll Bottom Right
Fashionista is a brand you can buy in Superdrug also, and has very good quality blushes that are definitely worth buying, also you get stylish palettes to put them in too!

End of the Box O' Powders, Tarte Exposed & E.L.F.
Benefit's Box O' Powders

Benefit Box O'Powders are expensive, but are gorgeous. You get a lot of product & the packaging is awesome. Well worth a look at and try. Tarte's Amazonion Clay Blush I do not to say anything about. IT IS INCREDIBLE. E.L.F's blushes are cute, inexpensive and well pigmented :)


Nars (left) Kat Von D (right)

Nars Blushes are probably my all time favourite, they're full on sexy have beautiful elegant packaging and the names are very cheeky ;) they're very expensive though, so, I tend to get round this by buying their gift sets which are incredibly good value for money.

(nars Orgasm far left) Kat Von D Truth, Urban Decay
Flushed Palette

To the far right is that last of the Nars' swatches with Orgasm, next to that is Kat Von D's blush in Truth which is a nice blush, but it's nothing particularly special, not a necessary purchase. Along from that is the Urban Decay Flushed Palette which is definitely NOT worth the £20 it retails for. But, having said that it is all blush, contour (bronzer) and highlight in a nice neatly packaged kit, so, it's good for travelling. I do think it is too expensive though.

Cream Blush Swatches
Finally, here are all my cream blushes (I may not have that many, but that is because oily skin doesn't particularly react well with the formula).
Starting left, I have a Body Shop one (I know my abbreviation wouldn't of meant anything to anybody else :P).
It is worth noting that the Revlon Photoready Colour Pots are almost exactly the same as mac cremeblend blushes and are a lot cheaper. Well worth the awkward hunt, as boots and superdrug seem to stock random colours and the colours aren't named on the jars, which is annoying (but you can always just write on the plain bottom).

So there we go! Lipstick & Blush Swatches :') Hope this has given you some idea on how you can easily arrange and help yourself find shades etc. It's also worth noting that I keep the lipsticks in the same order that they are in the folder (on my counter).

Going to start posting YouTube videos really soon, so stay tuned and look out for my Twitter posts :D x

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