Tuesday, 14 May 2013

I like to be creative... :)

Aside from makeup and nails (which, I do sort of blag my way though as I am not very steady handed I will say :P) I do like to make things from time to time, when I have the energy and the actual physical time to do so. I do also like venturing into HobbyCraft occasionally (though now, I always go armed with a pre-found shopping list from the website, as I can get sidetracked VERY easily! And end up spending A LOT of money, as it's quite expensive). Hence, now I always price check over the internet first.

But....there is something almost majestical about venturing in to the big store, that's next door to a Haskin's too so I can wander round there and look at the fishies too :P but most of all, I just love browsing the latest season section where for valentine's there's a tonne of Heart shaped related products and for Christmas there's everything from Pre-made santa cards to sew your own little snowmen kits :3 (how cute!!).

It was Dave's (Studio Couch's Lead Guitarist)'s Birthday on Monday and Dave has a lot of different kinds of sunglasses!! So I wanted to give him some that were completely unique to add to his collection. Hence, I made these:
Dave's "Pick" me up Glasses
I simply bought these Brown Aviatory type things off of Amazon (for a very low price, not gonna lie :P) and Hot Glue Gunned some Guitar Picks onto them :D Now, I am writing this post before he gets them, I am kinda cheating on times here :P, So, I really, really hope he likes them :') I mean, they might've been cheap sunglasses (starts singing the ZZTop song XD) but the added value for the time & effort I put in to creating them in my mind, to actually creating the physical object....surely that's priceless? I mean, there's no other sunglasses like this, made by me, in the world!? So, that's gotta be great, right? haha

Dave's Glasses

Me wearing Dave's Glasses :P

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