Tuesday, 21 May 2013

And it's a pelvic thruuusssstttt! -Rocky Horror Full Makeup & Outfit :D

Well, me and Evie had a TRULY FANTASTIC TIME!
Here are a few Highlights.... (I do not own the rights to the images nor do I claim too, I do not intend any offence etc.)

Frank N Furter Getting Pampered

Sweet Transvestite

As you can see, it's quite true to the show :') With Dani Harmer (Tracey Beaker) playing Janet! ahaaa! I know!! I couldn't believe it either -she's so tiny! XD
Anyhoo, yes, getting back to my outfit etc...
My Eye

No Window, Flash On

Facing Window, No Flash
Window Behind, Flash On
My Eye-wowzas!

My Full Magenta (Official Rocky Horror) Costume
All Products Used-In The End :)
As you can see, I did use most of the products I said I would, only with a few additions of the Jack Wills' Pencil Liner, Fearne Cotton Liner, Benefit Magic Ink Liquid Liner and E.L.F. Eyebrow Kit. If you want to see the Outfit Design Things etc, you can do so here: http://tinyurl.com/afaxkeq

Overall, I have to say, I wish it lasted longer! It was so funny and everyone just had a blast dancing the Time Warp twice! So good, would I go again? Definitely. Audience participation Galore, great Guitar-ing music and the costumes!

I think Evie had a good time too ^.^

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