Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Quick Day Update :) x

I made it to college....but had to come home again! (I just continuously feel nauseous :'( ). But on the bright side, it did mean I could have a little snooze in my beautiful garden :') .....
Beautiful Flowers outside our door :') Very welcoming!

My Mum does have a little thing about Wind chimes :')

Ickle Fishies!

I do Love our Fishiesss :')

Cute little daisies XD

A Podgy little Breebree (after 3 walks!) :D

Obligatory Bug Boot Holder ;) (any horsey people will no what I mean :P)

Soo pretty with the two tones :)

I just really loved the mix of colours in the vase, good job Mummy! XD
So, there we go, I am not a photographer (nor do I claim to be) but I thought these flowers and colours were just too pretty to just pass by :)

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