Thursday, 2 May 2013

Kelly's Hen Do on Sat, Outfit, Makeup, Nails, THE LOT.

Kelly's Hen Night is this Saturday! (WOOO!) I am a little excited. Her theme is Neon. I kid you not, Neon. Here's my ideas for my makeup & a picture of my outfit (and, it's not on because I don't want to ruin the full effect :P).

 So, This is the Idea/design I came up with :P
Hen Do Neon Design I call it: La Neon.

 And these are all the products I found (that I own) That I thought would be suitable for creating a look along those lines...

Main Items Found for look
(from Left - Right) LOOK's "Flirty Flick" L:iquid Eyeliner (amazing stuff that doesn't budge!!) Model's Own "Luis Lemon" #137 Nail Polish, Barry M "Dazzle Dust" #76, Barry M "Fine Glitter Dust" #10, Lush Cosmetics' Cream Eyeshadow in "Lifted", Illamasqua's "Eurydice" Lipstick, Pop Beauty's "orange" eyeliner pencil, Hello Kitty "Starry Lipgloss" & The False Lashes are (eyelure's) Katy Perry's Self Adhesive "Darling" 's.

 I then also found these! (don't know whyyy I didn't look in my Sleek drawer first!?)

The Pout Polish is "Lemon Meringue" (but is not available anymore and dissapointingly doesn't smell like lemon meringue :P). It's actually not as pigmented as I was hoping! -But I'll mix some of the Barry M Dusts into it and then we'll be talking! ;) .

I also like the look of the eyeshadow slightly hidden behind it "Sand Dollar" from the relatively new Lagoon Palette. Doesn't that pink next to it look gorgeous? I can't wait to sink my teeth into that design ;) (I very often like to pick a square of the palette, act likes that the only quad I own and try and come up with a cool mix-Works a treat when you're in need of inspiration!)

And finally, I completely forgot I own a 168 colour palette! (Thank you Guy! ;) ) Opened it up and found this whole line of GEMS!

And Now, a picture of the outfit...all ready to rock & ruin ;)
My Neon Outfit XD (the pink shoe's my phone btw :P)

 *Just a quick side note: My first EPQ meeting with Bridget went so well! She loved my ideas! XD

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