Wednesday, 22 May 2013

EPQ update-New GAGA FAME & Nicki Pink Friday designs XD

Gosh, the session had creating these two designs were stressful and painful. Not going to lie, I very nearly gave up and walked out. I am so pleased I didn't, I'd been in the library designing for about an hour when nothing I was doing was any good, It was all crap-not even kidding. But somehow just as I was about to leave a miracle occurred and I created this beautiful Nicki Minaj, Pink Friday Inspired Design:

Pink Friday Inspired #2

I love this because it's not all gold, it just has this robot-like plates on either cheek, Almost acting as blush! XD I feel that this really represents the bottle well as the bottle kinda looks a little robot like o.O
And the pink accents on the eye and lips (no blush to not distract from the plating design) just ties it in with the hair & lips of the bottle (picture of it below). I am so, so happy with this design I actually kind of want to frame it! :P  I know there isn't very much filled in on the description but that's because there are only a few products needed for actually create this look.

Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday Bottle.

FAME was quite a similar story but now I only had half an hour left. I had the bottle out in front of me and was just staring at it trying to get inspiration, how can you design something from GAGA's already perfect bottle, I mean, I just was not doing justice to it. So I grabbed an eye only template filled page and went crazy just drawing different eye designs over and over and over, I drew 3 pages worth when I finally came up with the idea-I was nearly sweating I was so stressed! D:

FAME Inspired #2

I recited the description Gaga has written on the back of the bottle and remembered "tears of belladonna" I knew there and then that the Gold cap needed to be shown on the lid with the black being leaked out of it, like tears. Black lips are a necessity with this look I feel, and I am now very proud of this design. RELIEF more than anything, came over me when I'd finished :') .

Gaga's FAME bottle

So that was my stressful journey to create these new looks, I think it was worth it. They really rock. Love 'em <3

Haha, wow, now that's done, I think I've got all the designs I need. Now I am going to start piloting them so watch out for those posts in which I'll have pictures of my initial attempts and products etc. :)

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