Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Rianna's 18th Outfit & Makeup Planning :D

My good friend Rianna is finally turning 18! You know what that means ;) A posh Party at the Guildhall apparently! Well, I am only assuming it's posh because of where it is, but I am sure she'll look absolutely gorgeous. She's so tall & pretty (really, she should be a model) she has the BIGGEST eyes! N'aww I could literally spend all day talking about how much I love this girl, she truly is the kindest person I know :3 So, a Fantastic Night is in store as I will not allow anything less!

Here's the dress I plan to wear...

I picked this up in the Jane Norman sale for....wait for it.....a QUID. :O I am not even joking-I am a truly amazing Bargain Hunter ;) David Dickinson himself would be proud :P

It does look really nice on, it hugs in all the right places ;) I kinda wish I had some nice Nude coloured Courts to wear with it, but unfortunately I do not :( (with Thanks to Ed for that :P) I am sure I can find some shoes that will look alright though!

The Rings I am going to choose from...

I have picked out these statement rings to choose from. As this dress has such fantastic neck detail a ring is all I feel I need to wear with this. I'll probably go with the one on the far left as it shares very similar colours to those on the neck detailing 8)

Here's one I just bought yesterday, hence it's not pictured with the others, but I think it's actually pretty perfect :')

The Shoes I'll be choosing from :)

These are the shoes I am currently considering to wear. Though none particularly pop out at me :/
We shall see! I've never NOT been able to find a pair of shoes that worked so, I am determined whatever I choose will look good :P My bets are currently on the Silver Lipsy's at the moment though XD

Here's the makeup Design I came up with....

Riri's 18th Makeup Design (for me)

If you didn't already know this, I am telling you now-I LOVE purple eyeshadows. I find them really, really addictive. This is why ANYWHERE I CAN I put in a design with purple ;) For the eyes here, I really want them to bring out the same colours as the statement jewels around the neck such as Softer Reds,  Purples & a Small amount of black kohl smudged into the lash line for framing the eyes :') oh wow, it sounds great to me already!! Seeing as with the Dress being the top is very detailed and the bottom isn't I plan to just contour my face and wear a nude lipstick so features are accentuated nicely but nothing clashing.

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