Saturday, 25 May 2013

Small Superdrug Haul + Milani in Poundland?? :O

So, yesterday I went into Superdrug as I haven't bought any makeup in such a long time, I was determined to make good use of the 3for2 offer. I ended up buying new nail polish though!-And I really DO NOT need anymore! haha, oh well :P

My lil' Haul
So, Lets start with the Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Primer, I bought this because on like every website it has 1 review and that review is always bad. But, they still sell it? So, for £5 I thought why not.
I then was thoroughly disappointed because the MUA counter had been stripped bare, so, I skipped along to the Fashionista one, I picked up the StarShine Highlight (as I already have SunShine and I LOVE IT!) and then got 2 lipsticks, one in a pale, creamy, orange colour "I'm an Individual" (the Maxi Moisture one) & one in a nude colour "Buff" (the Double Take one)
I quickly checked the Maybelline counter for the Orange Tattoo I still regret not picking up from N.Y. and it wasn't there-so I picked up this Pomegranate one instead. I am dyyiinng to try it out! :D
And, finally, I bought 3 NYC polishes-as I LOVE THESE, they're so cheap & last well with a good pigmentation and this new Barry M Sequin Effect polish as I can never resist a new Barry M'r ;)

Fashionista Lippies Buff (Left) and I'm An Individual (Right)

After Superdrug, I popped into Poundland, as they sometimes have nice makeup in there too and to my surprise (I mean, really, really, surprised-I nearly choked!) They had MILANI PILED UP!

The Milani Stuff I picked up from Poundland.
So, I picked up one of everything apart from the Mascara which didn't look very good and there were hundreds of them there, so if I change my mind I can always go back and get one :). I got 2 of these Glimmer Stripes which instantly make me think of Bobbi Brown's Shimmer Bricks :') Only, they were a POUND! I also picked up this eyeshadow quad which reminded me of Nars' Duo Eyeshadow in Paramaribo :D

Here's me wearing B. Beautiful Full Coverage 16hr wear Foundation (Available at Superdrug), the Milani Quad featured above, Fashionista StarShine Highlighter on the tops of my cheekbones, the Milani Glimmer Stripes in Pink Glimmer (far left in pic above) & the Fashionista Lippie in I'm an Individual.

The Fashionista Lipstick is definitely not as pigmented as I'd have liked but, saying that, I do have very dark lips for my skin colour. So, on more pale lipped beauties, it would look lovely :) It's also worth noting it is nice and moisturising like the name "Maxi Moisture" suggests :D
 I do really like the glimmer stripe by Milani, I think it's beautiful :') We all know I love Glow and this is full of glow appeal :P
I really don't feel these pictures do StarShine any justice though, in real life it looks quite bronzed and sexy-the picture below shows it a tad better.

I think this Eyeshadow Quad is not dissimilar to Paramaribo but is not as richly pigmented. It's more Gold than Green too (as shown below), making it a good alternative for those who find Paramaribo too green to suit their complexion. However, it is only a Pound and Therefore I think EVERYONE should go scout it out ;) I do, do wish it was a tad more green though! :L-Sorry!
Nars' Paramaribo Top
Milani Quad Bottom

Also, I have to say about the Rimmel Eye Primer: I am wearing it now, under this Milani Quad, while I am writing this and It's really not as bad as people are making out. I actually think that at only £5 It's really worth a tad bit more. It works well, I haven't had any creasing yet (I am not wearing a cream eyeshadow, paint pot or tattoo underneath the eyeshadow quad either) and I have very oily skin and lids. Do I feel it makes eye shadows more rich in colour and pigmentation? No, but the only one I feel that actually does (and I mean in the WORLD) is Urban Decay's Primer Potion. Overall, for a Fiver, I'd say BUY IT! You won't be disappointed!!

Hope you liked this and keep your eyes peeled for my Barcelona Holiday Post featuring Outfits, Makeup Ideas, Accessories, The works ;) xx

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